13 blogs you should be reading to fulfill your web-design appetite

I’m sure we designers are all very hungry to get as much information possible. In the end, we’re all humans, and humans are always hungry for more information. That’s why in this digital age, companies with more data are winning.

Well, that’s not what the topic of the day is about. Actually, the topic today is a actually, a list of 13 blogs you would like to read to fill in that web-design appetite of yours.

I’m sure you would always like to read more and more about web-design and related stuff. So, without filling the screen with more words, I would like to continue to the list:-

1) Web-Designer Depot

web-designer depot

This is a fairly comprehensive blog, and is updated almost daily. What I like most about this is that they provide a roundup post of a thing of their favourite tweets every week. An idea I’m looking forward to pursue here on Web-Designer Arsenal as well. Another interesting point to note is that they provide information on all sorts of topic on Web-Design.

2) Designmodo


Basically, this is a blog that has developed after a product, well, after many I must say. This blog provides information regarding wordpress and frameworks.

3) Web-designer ledger


Web-Designer ledger is a fairly common blog that has you covered on a variety of topics that include mobile apps and javascript.

4) Smashing magazine (the obvious one !)


Ah, Smashing magazine, it’s very title/tagline reads –

For professional web developers

And, I think that is enough to describe what it is about. The site is fairly comprehensive and provides some serious content regarding sweb-design ethics and techniques, and so on..

Heck, they even have their own library of books.

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5) CSS-Tricks


Run by Chris coyier, Css-Tricks is not a new-comer to the space. The site has been around 2007 – enough good for a web-design blog.

Although the name says “CSS-Tricks“, the actual content of the site is filled with a lot more topics, including videos !

6) David Walsh

david walsh

This one might sound a little personal by name, but don’t let that fool you. David (also happens to be a friend of Chris Coyier) covers a variety of instructional or ‘how-to’ content that is straight up to the point along with examples – spot on!

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7) 1stWebDesigner


This one has a little twist in it. I have been on it’s email list, and the site is filled with actionable tips and tricks for running the business, as well as provides a little something special for wordpress fans .

8) Hongkiat

Hongkiat is a very popular blog that not just only covers design, but also things related to technology and freelancing. The posts are written by an, what seems like, and army of writers.

9) Creative Bloq


This one almost seems like a news-magaziney kind of a blog. Creative bloq not only focuses on Web-Designers, but also covers a lot of tips and resources for other designers too. Also, it seems to me like a big media company 😉

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10) A list Apart


This one, i believe, is the longest running web-design blog in the history, with maybe posts dating back to 1998 ! Anyways, even in the modern ra, the site is pretty comprehensive and almost publishes articles weekly – along with their books and events.

11) SixRevisions


This blog has also been around for a long time. The topics covered are a lot and it seems like they publish fresh content every 2-3 days, on average.

12) Team Treehouse Blog


This is a blog that is a part of a bigger company – treehouse. Although, sometimes the blog informs the readers about its ongoings and new courses, it does a fairly well job of providing content relevant to its readers.

13) Design Taxi


With a general focus on design and related things, the Design taxi site has been around for a quite a while – 2003 to be exact (well, that’s what it says on their homepage !)


This was a big list of 13 websites/blogs that will be enough to keep you filled for  the next, I don’t know how much time.

But, until then, …  😉


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