New poll: Freelance or business ?

Today’s poll is actually more about practical choice than opinion.

The poll we have today is one which asks you about the business perspective on web-design.

Personally, I am a freelancer (well, partially, along with studies), but am always looking forward to starting and establishing a web-design business.

And, that being just my personal choice, I wanted to know how many people are interested in actually freelancing or running (owning or having a job in) a web-design business.



Well, this is the general opinion. A majority of people involved in the web-design career are freelancers. They do work on a contract basis and per client.

And, it is not something bad either.

The main benefits of freelancing are as follows:-

  • You are in full control of what you want to do.
  • You can even move from places to places in search of work.
  • Billing of the customer can be according to you.

Some of the downsides of freelancing are:-

  • The business is quite unstable. Your client today might not be your client tomorrow.
  • Since you’re an individual, sometimes you might lack motivation and/or creativity


Simply put, generally, businesses are more stable than freelancers. They generally do work on a contract basis.

Some benefits:-

  • Things are more stable. Clients generally like to do work with larger organisations rather than with individuals.
  • Working on teams is beneficial.
  • Some are of work you might not like can be handled by someone else.

And, as usual, some downsides:-

  • Since you’re working in teams, sometimes, your individual liking of something might be overwritten by someone’s else choice.
  • Also, you might not always get to do the project you like.

So, your thoughts ?

So, I’ve given my views, now is your turn to do the same 😉


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