Twitter’s new analytics tools: What’s your take ?

Yeah, well, I might be late on the scene. But, I will admit that the new twitter analytics are just awesome. Too good, too detailed, just what you would want.


Yes, a bit quietly, Twitter opened up it’s analytics to everyone (although, the account must be a little old enough).

But, that was just a spur of a moment. Soon, the news caught fire and now is available, detailed on every news site possible:- From Techcrunch to Mashable you can read about it anywhere.

To access them for your own account (as also said in the tweet) just log into twitter and go to:- There, the mind blowing dashboard awaits you.


Yes, this is it.
Yes, this is it.

When you first visit the dashboard, you are greeted with a graph showing all of your impressions in the last 28 days.

After that, you can see all of your individual tweets and how they’re performing.

Capture_with_shadowTo be shortened up and said, the details are pretty intense.


At first, when you see the dashboard, there are some pretty new terms you must be aware about. These are:-


Impressions: The term impressions mean, here, is the number of times people on twitter saw your tweet. (Higher the better!)

Engagements: The number of times a user has interacted with a tweet. This might mean enlarging a photograph, clicking the tweet for details, clicking the link, favouriting or retweeting

Engagement Rate: This is simply the number of engagements divided by the total number of impressions (multiplied by 100)


Well, to conclude, Twitter is becoming better day by day. And, I also hope that in the future, we will get more and more features from twitter (to help us stay on it 😉 )

And, more importantly, I want to ask, whether YOU liked it or not ? Answer it in the comment section below.

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