Adding the portfolio section and updated News !

Hello my dear readers. Sorry, lately I’ve not published anything on this blog. Well, there is a reason for that.

I was a little busy with other things (namely, studies and a little client websites). And, today, I’ve got some time to show you what and how these sites are !So without wasting any more time, let’s get to the projects:-

1) Smile Forever India

Smile Forever India site screenshot
The site

This website is for an organisation, well, particularly an NGO. I might further write about this site soon, but for now, you can visit the link to see how it is.

Don’t worry, this site has the language HINDI in it (Don’t worry, still use chrome and translate the text if you wish).

Particularly I loved working on this project because of the client ! Yes, my client, Mr. Ajay, was a delight to work with.

He himself was interested in the making of the site (Tech lover, I guess) and wherever I was unable to do the work (because of my studies), he himself did the work.

I must truly say thanks to sir for giving me this amazing opportunity.

2) House of Tools

House of tools

Well to be very honest, this project is not finished yet, but still I want to show you this site I’ve been working on.

This site for a shop in Panchkula, India. Particularly, the shop is a dealer of a wide range of tools (mechanical, electrical, garden, etc.) and they wanted to showcase every product of theirs.

And, that task is very tiring and long. And, that is the reason the site is not complete yet. However, it will not take much long to complete it however.

3) Pharma Sales Corporation

Pharma sales corporation website

This site is more functionality-based than design. The functionality here is that the client wanted to send the reports of their own clients via their website, so that they can decrease their workload.

However, there haven’t been further talks as the client was quite busy, but the site will be back on schedule soon !


The news I wanted to share with you people is that I want Web-Designer Arsenal to be a web-design company. So, in order to achieve that, I’m trying more and more to build client based websites. And, I think that the above sites are a proof that I can go forward. However, I will keep you updated.

The second thing is that, in order to get more exposure to the business, I’m launching a portfolio section of the site, where you can see all the projects that I have worked on and am working on. SO, thanks !

Link to portfolio:- Portfolio for Web-Designer Arsenal


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