Web Designer Arsenal diaries – I

This is a new kind of thing I (Jotpreet Singh) want to test. This post is called Web Designer Arsenal diaries because I wanted to archive the kind of experiences I have had while dealing with clients – you know the meetings, things learned, etc.

And, this is the first ever diary post I’m writing. So, let’s get to it.


The day was somewhat around in April just after my final exams had ended. I was a little free preparing for the entrance exam for my tution.

And, suddenly, the phone rang.

I picked it up and it was my father who was calling. He said “Jotpreet, you had previously asked one of my friends about making their site but I know it never got along, He called me up today telling that his friend wanted to get a website and was looking for someone and that’s how your name came up”.

I was thrilled and on cloud nine. Never was it so amazing that 2 websites’ order had I got together.

Then, my father asked me to call up his friend and get the details.

And, so I did.

Breaking apart, I forgot to tell you that one a friend of mine, by the name of  ANISH,  also made websites with me and we had splitted the profits.

So, I asked him whether he was interested. He said that although he had no plans of doing this work, he would happily do it once the opportuity had come.


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And, so time flew by and we fixed a date for meeting with the friend of friend of my father. Me and my partner were waiting for them to come to the meeting place (my father’s office).

Meeting time was here
Meeting time had come

And, they came in. At first, I didn’t know about them – their appearance, etc.

(I’m continuously saying “they” because by my suprise they were 2 different people who had came to get their sites made differently -one being an NGO and the other, a company)

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They sat and we had tea and for about an hour we discussed about the details of their project(s) individually.

In between one of my clients, whose name is Mr. Ajay, kept on saying good things about us and what we were doing (web design) and what age we had began in (we were 15 years old) and referred to one of his friends who just does all his work online and enjoys his life travelling to various places in the world.

What a delight it was to hear all of that from him. Never before had we got such respect and never had we felt so happy about doing this. Before this, we had barely made two sites and never got any respect for them.

Now, we both knew that we were doing something better than the generation that is worthlessly wasting their time on social media. 😉


We had got two orders at the same time to our suprise ! And, we had already started planning how we were going to make the sites and the structure, color, etc.

SIDE NOTE:I’m not a web designer at all. It is so because I do not want to degrade the value of the amazing and spectacular people the industry has. I’m not interested in coding, colour schemes, etc.  I’m a just a web marketer who gets clients and deals with them. Mainly, the making of the site is done by the better half of the company (Anish, the technical head). Also, I’m the marketing head of the company and I, personally like it that way 🙂 🙂


We have already done the work and what I am writing is a thing of the past. I’ll be resuming writing these diary posts which will contain the experiences I encounter along the way of building a web-design based business. So, it’ll continue soon.

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Yes, I know this might become too much but from now on, the site is going to be about Indian Web-Designing and blogging experiences (specially, blogging on wordpress.com ) but particularly anyone can enjoy it. So, may you have an amazing weekend and thank you for reading this.

Jotpreet Singh

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