Presenting Web-Designer Arsenal: V2.0

Yes, my dear friend/reader/relative/brother/sister and the rest. Yes, Web-Designer Arsenal is changing.

And, what is that change ? Well, it is

it is that we’re changing. Yes, you and me are changing and so is Web-Designer Arsenal.

Web-Designer Arsenal is now an intersection of Technology, Web-Design and internet  stuff. Well, what does the internet stuff mean ?

The internet stuff means everything related to internet, be it marketing, social media or just some plain amazing facts.

But, why this change ?

Um, as you can see, I have not published anything on this blog for about 2 months. And, that is a lot of time. I have changed over time. I have really started to like internet marketing, social media and internet tools as well. Not only that, I’ve fallen in love with technology and gaming as well.

So, this is why this change is happening. Because, I believe that I’ll be more true to myself and to you, the dear reader.

So, now you know what to expect. Please subscribe by any of the methods provided left or below.

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