Happy New Year ! (plus, a little surprise)

So, it’s new year ! Finally, we’re into 2014. Yep, the biggy 2-0-1-4. No denial. And, we all have our plans ready, don’t we (well, then you better get working) ? Speaking of plans, there are some ready for Web-Designer Arsenal. But before, let’s five into how 2013 was for Web-Designer Arsenal.


Yep, so let’s get into the statistics part, because that’s what everybody is interested in.

So, we launched on 18th of July, 2013 and the first ever written post was making rounded corners in CSS. It has since been great working on WDA. After that post, we published a total of 50 posts (not too bad for half-a-year). And, not to forget, we published 7 pages in total.

Speaking of pages, some of them include Arsenalcasts – which are web-design related screencasts. We published just 2 arsenalcasts which is rather a VERY low number.I’ll definitely make it a point to publish more arsenalcasts in 2014.

Speaking of other things, we had 2 polls – an average of 3 months each. Although, the participation was not at all much, I expect it to grow in the future.

And, speaking statistically, we had a total of 3,000 pageviews (please, god _/_, make that number grow hugely !). But, I’m not too much sad about it, because we have around a 100 followers in the same time span of 6 months.

The most popular post in 2013 was Google Web-Designer Review.

Since, I had only a pageviews kind-of-thing, I recently had some other tools to measure visitors, and according to that report, in December, we’ve had around 180 VISITORS. yes, just visitors, and around 260 pageviews (according to the report).


Yep, I do have some plans ready for Web-Designer Arsenal. Although, I do want to say that it’s not totally sure that all of these would take place, but if they do, I’ll be the dummy to report.

FIRST: I REALLY want to change the design of the site. I really do have one in mind, but I’ll see if it’s possible (it is quite expensive). If there is any possibility of me pulling off the design, I’ll definitely do it.

SECOND: I want to serve you. yes, I WANT TO SERVE YOU. With great resources, tips, tricks, tutorials, videos, and everything else possible. Because, I want you to become better. I hope that I’m able to create a lot of BETTER stuff for you guys.

Oh, and the second point has a sub-point. And, that is to really like increase subscribers and readers who care about this stuff. Okay, on to the next.

THIRD: I want to create like a beginners guide to HTML and CSS. I want it to be a video series because it’s the best way to learn web-stuff. There are plenty of text guides, but they’re really boring (believe me, I’ve read them). So, video will help you to learn more, faster.

And, I want to keep that course free of cost (because everyone deserves to lear 🙂 ).

FOURTH: (it gets too much here) I really would like to have forums for Web-Designer Arsenal. That’s because, it’s the best way to ask questions. And, the best way to get responses as well. You might not find a video or a blog post about your problem, but you might get that answer on a forum thread.

So, I would really like to see some hosted kind of solutions. (If you have any resources, please send an email without thinking).

FIFTH: (I swear it’s the last one) I hope to create a podcast about web-design and blogging (you’ll see below). Because, it’s really the next thing. If I’m able to pull off podcasting, I’d be really very happy; And, implied, i would really like to continue to publish more and better arsenalcasts.


And, now time for the big surprise this post title gave you.

We’re changing our focus (again) a little bit. Yep, it’s kind of a creepy change, and wasn’t easy for me to put up with as well. So, here it is:

We’re now a great resource for Ideas, tips, tricks and inspiration for Web-Designers AND BLOGGERS.

Yes, people, that is the big change and surprise. We’re now also a great resource for bloggers out there. We’ll publish tons of resources, tips, tutorials, etc. about blogging, so put up with that.

But, don’t worry, those posts will help you set up your blog, manage it, make it to a big one, and then even might help you monetize it.

And, don’t forget about the regular dose of web-design goodies, that will still come your way. Inspirational posts are on their way too.

So, I hope you guys are not annoyed or anything by the change I made. I made that change because it’s much more honest. I really feel like writing about both Web-Design and blogging (I love both very very much). I tried writing both topics in different areas, but it didn’t work out. So, I finally decided that i will write about both blogging and web-design under the roof of WDA.

And, I really do believe that if I’ll teach others what i know better, both will be in benefit.


So, I ‘ll end here. That’s the change, there’ll also be some things bout blogging on Web-Designer Arsenal. I really thing they’ll help you out as a web-designer and a blogger.

So, here’s to an EPIC 2014 – Happy New Year !


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