Poll results: Responsive design or flat design ?

Quite some time since we had our last poll results out.And, since then, there has been a new poll: Flat design or Responsive design. And, to be honest, I was quite happy with the results. Here they are:


If you haven’t, you can still vote for the poll. And, when you have voted, the results will be displayed (however, you can still just seethe results). Go ahead and see which of the two options won. However, my views are here.

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Responsive design is a technique, in which, by using media queries and other things, you make your website or webpage fluid enough to fit on desktop screens, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and any other in betweens.

In my experience, now every webpage needs to be responsive, even web apps. If they are not, they will fail to achieve great results on mobile devices, let alone other devices.

But, remember that mobile websites are different from responsive websites. A mobile website may or may not be hosted on a different (sub) domain, while a responsive site is on the same domain.

This is just the first thing. Secondly, mobile websites can run on desktops nut the experience is not at all good, since it was designer for mobiles.

On the other hand, responsive websites are made to work on all devices, be it desktops or mobiles.

And, the last point is that there is much more maintenance to be done. handle the normal site, handle the mobile site, make both sites look good. No mistakes on domain redirections (it leads to bad UX).

Next, we move on to flat design.

LAST POLL: Poll Results are in: Is responsive design better or Mobile Website ?


If you are not aware of flat design, I don’t know where you have been living. Because, now even iOS 7 has adopted flat design and has made the app owners do the same as well.

However, you can still read the overview of flat design is, and can get some links and tutorials for inspiration.

But to give you a brief overview of what it is, read this:-

Flat design is a way of designing things in which you strip out all the flashy stuff to make the thing look clean, simple as well as elegant.

Straightforwardly put, when there are lesser and more cleaner pages, you will progress towards flat design. And, this is also to be noted that flat design is a really great trend that is here to stay.

Now, since you have read the simple definition of what flat design is, you get a fairly good as to what is being talked about. But still, the question still remains: flat design or responsive design ?


Yes, the simple answer to this question is that both of these go together, hand-in-hand.

This means that both flat design and responsive design are made to be together. Yes, you can make a flat website that is responsive (ie. responds to mobile devices properly).

Here are some other reasons as to why both of these technologies are made for each other:-

  • First and foremost, both of these web technologies are good. Don’t take me wrong here, but both of them are really nice and they are what people (cough: web-designers) need.

Yes, these days, responsive websites are the need of the hour. You cannot survive in the web-o-sphere today without offering a responsive website. Because, studies have shown that people, when not offered good pages on mobiles, they tend to leave the site for sure. And, instead, they might go to your competitors site, which offers a mobile experience, and might fell in love with it.

  • Both these technologies are worth experimenting together. If you are able to merge these two technologies together, then you might be even called a latest web-designer. And, I should not expand on this point (one being, you can get more clients).


To wrap everything up, there is a simple theory why the “both” option in the poll won.

That simple theory is that we web-designers are greedy, but this greed lands us to a better place. Simply put, we know that these two technologies, namely, responsive design and flat design exist. And, we being greedy, wanted both of those on our websites.

And, since we want both of these options for our sites (Yes, we want it all), it results in a website that is responsive as well as flat. And, since we wanted both the technologies, we loved what was made. This is what lead to more number of people saying “both” in the poll.

Now, since you know why people like responsive design as well flat design, I want to know your opinion. What do YOU think ? Tell me all in the comments below.

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