The killer guide to adding google webmaster tools to your website

Google is the giant when it comes to the web. So, what that means is that if you cater your site towards google, it can send you massive amounts of traffic on your site. And, more traffic is what you want and will want in the future as well.

Last time we discovered how we can add google custom search engine on our websites. It really helped your viewers to find information on your site the most accurately.

And, now is the time when we will learn how google can help US in understanding our website from google’s point of view (number of indexed pages, number of links pointing to your site, etc.)

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And, when you know how google sees your site, you can always make it better, and, a better optimized google website means more traffic from google (the search engine). And, remember, search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic you can get.

When you have the knowledge and the data, only then can you take actions based on it . So, to get the google’s point of view, you’ll have to add google webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster tools is where you can get a google’s eye view of your website. Once registered, you can see how many pages are indexed by google, what query on google gets you traffic, how many linkbacks do you have.

And, now time for some action. Let’s go ahead and add google Webmaster tools to our site so that we can quickly get insights.


Don’t worry, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how you can add Google Webmaster Tools on your very own website.


Go to the Google Webmaster tools website and sign in with your google account.

Once you’re in there, click on the BIG Add a site button.

add a site button in google webmaster tools | Web-Designer Arsenal

When you click that, you will be prompted to enter the URL of the website you would like to add, something similar like this below:-

adding a site dialog box for google webmaster tools | Web-Designer  Arsenal

Just enter the URL of your website in it, and you will be done for the next step.


Now comes the time where you have to verify your site. In other words, you have to show to Google that you own the site by various methods. The screen will be like this:-

verifying your site in google webmaster tools | Web-Designer Arsenal

The recommended method by Web-Designer Arsenal is the HTML TAG METHOD. And, that is what we’re going to learn.

alternate methods- the html tag method for verifying our site in google webmaster tools | Web-Designer Arsenal

Since we’re using the HTML tag method, go ahead and copy the meta tag google gives you.


Once your meta tag code has been copied, go and in your site, add that code to your head section. One example is below.

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="ItvKkKvuat-_sh_RWjBhMc6DOiNIRqlOiU40caCGL20" />

So, as you can see above, you just have to copy the given code in your header. And, you are done.

Click verify, and if there are no problems, your website will be verified, and you will be greeted with a screen like this.

dashboard for a site in Google Webmaster tools that give you access to various things | Web-Designer Arsenal


Now, we’re on the last part of adding Google Webmaster tools to our website. And, that last part is adding a sitemap.

Note, that if you’re already using a Content Management System (CMS), you will have a sitemap to submit. If not, there are loads of resources that can add or help you add a sitemap of your website.

Once you have access to the link of the sitemap you want to submit. Go and click on the Sitemaps tab.

From there, on the top right corner, click the add/test sitemap button.

adding a sitemap for our website in Google Webmaster Tools | Web-Designer Arsenal

Now enter the URL of your sitemap, and if successful, you will shown a lot of information.

sitemaps in google webmaster tools | Web-Designer Arsenal

And, if that’s the screen you see (don’t worry the number of indexed pages might be zero at the moment, but google will soon index your site), you are successful in adding your website in Google Webmaster Tools, and can now see your site from a Google’s perspective.

Now, you can see the indexing problems by Google for your site, the number of backlinks you have, etc. This will give you a better insight into your site, and will help it make more Google friendly, ultimately resulting in more traffic from Google.


So, now you learned how to add Google Webmaster Tools to your site. Also, remember, if you need a better search engine for your site, we’ve got that covered as well.

If you are having any troubles in adding your site to Google Webmaster tools, comment it out below, and we’ll try to solve it.

So, did you learn anything new today ? Were there any problems while adding your site to Google Webmaster Tools ? Share your wisdom in the comments below.

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