Ghost: Just a blogging platform ?

The just a blogging Ghost has been making news. Since it’s launched on 14th October, ghost has been talked around on all authority sites. The main thing about it is just that it is a just a blogging platform. Or that is what it says so.

Yesterday I ran across a blogging platform which has funded itself on kickstarter. It is known as Ghost Blogging platform. (Okay, I’m a little late and the project was funded a  long time ago).

There are a few reasons I think the ghost platform is good.


a better dashboard for ghost | Web-Designer Arsenal

The dashboard of wordpress has grown over the years. But, the main focus of wordpress, i.e. to be a blogging platform has gone away. Today wordpress is more of a CMS rather than a blogging platform.

Okay, the dashboard of Ghost is really great, it shows you the no. of likes, +1‘s, tweets, visitors,etc.


better writing experience on ghost | Web-Designer Arsenal

Even though I think that wordpress has the best writing screen, I was lured away by the writing screen of ghost. It’s really great. It shows the HTML Markup on the left and the preview on the right. Really smart.

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Yes, that;s another feature I like. Ghost is free. Free to download, use or modify. But, it will start offering a paid service for hosting ghost blogs at their servers, much like and the likes (tumblr, blogspot, etc.).


This is for all the non-geeks that won’t be able to configure ghost on their web servers. The people behind ghost have chosen that they will also have a hosted option for ghost blogs.

Ghost is written in node.js. And, you might have to change a thing here or there on your server to make it run. That’s why I think the hosted option will be a boost for the company.


Ghost calls itself to be “just a blogging platform”. But I don’t know why,t I doubt that.

Remember back when wordpress started ? All it said was that they were mainly focused on blogging. But, over time, that isn’t what has turned out.

These days, wordpress is used as a full blown CMS (Content management system). And, as reported, just 17-20 % are using it as a blogging platform and 65% people using it as a CMS.

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Those stats are worth pondering upon. When a blogging focused platform like wordpress has changed THIS much, what can we say about ghost. Since it has been just launched, no promises can be made.

And, wordpress also launched it’s freemium service like blogspot, called It allowed anyone to start a free wordpress hosted blog, and then buy services if they like.

Well, so to say, ghost has been planning on a similar thing. They are trying to get it out as soon as possible.

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But, it won’t be free for everyone. It will have a price tag from the beginning. Here’s a quick video showing off that service.

So, you see that ghost is also trying to become a hosted blog solution. And, have a free to download and use software. They’re pretty much copying wordpress.

And, if their hosting thing succeeds, chances of them becoming a company like automattic are sure. And, once that happens, everything will change. They will have bills to handle, taxes to pay, etc. And, once they get into the loophhole, getting out won’t be easy.


But, what I think (and don’t want to happen) is that ghost might also become a CMS like wordpress, but it is not definitely true. Anything in the future might change.

We’ll still have to see what might be next from ghost. But, what I conclude is that it will become another wordpress-like software, but with a slight more focus on blogging.

So, I want to know whether you guys think if ghost will be “just a blogging platform”, or it might change. Tell everything about it in the comments below.

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