November 2013 – top google+ shares

Well, I want to begin by telling you that this our second month of publishing our top google+ shares. To give you a basic overview of what it is, is that it is a collection of some awesome links and quotes (and maybe other things) that we like and think that you might be interested in them as well.

And, this time around, we’ve got a slew of awesome quotes and links that may or may not be published on our social profiles. Go and check them out. Also, we publish our web-designer trolls on those social profiles.

To go and visit us on Google+, here is the (short) url: So, now, let’s stop blabbering and get to the list:-

25 must see examples of billboard advertising

50 pro tips for logo design | Web-Designer Arsenal

The top 10 cities to be adesigner in | Web-Designer Arsenal

hackdesign courses | Web-Designer Arsenal

 the psychology of color in logo design | Web-Designer Arsenal

The screen impossible. #webdesignertrollsscreen impossible | Web-Designer trolls | Web-Designer Arsenal

That’s all folks for this time. Don’t forget to login next time and see another slew of awesome links and shares by Web-Designer Arsenal. Subscribe for more and quicker updates about things like these.

And, don’t forget to check us out on google+:

Were any of these shares interesting enough ? Or they weren’t ? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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