Welcome to WDARSENAL

Yes, yes, it’s a moment of awesomeness !!! Today, on 19/11/2013 (DD/MM/YYYY) I’ve purchased the domain name wdarsenal.com. Previously, it was webdesignerarsenal.wordpress.com. Read on to get the details.

I’m very much delighted. It’s been almost 4 months after I’ve started Web-Designer Arsenal. Initially it was a free wordpress.com hosted blog. It still is hosted by wordpress.com, I’ve purchased a domain name through them for about $18.

There were a few reasons why I did this:-

  • The older url was way too long. (webdesignerarsenal.wordpress.com)
  • WDArsenal suits the brand is much easier to pronounce, however, the name is still Web-Designer Arasenal, only the url has changed. 🙂
  • Now, I’ll have custom email names and other things, which will sound much branded and smoother to the ears.

Even after all this, at the end of the day, I wan tto take time and thank you – the reader and subscriber who reads and consumes what I’ve written. It’s just your support that got me through this. And, it is what will make strive again and again.  Your love and your support.

I just want to build a really good web-design community where everyone, beginner to professional, gets help and becomes a better web-designer. As we all know, this world needs better designer not more designers.

Again, thanks and cheers to you for helping me get to this point.

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