Dropbox: A web-designer perspective

Dropbox is a great tool. It lets you upload files to the cloud and have access to them wherever in the world where you can access the internet. It also has mobile apps for better accessibility.

With that, Dropbox comes with 3GB of free space with the ability to add up to 18GB and when you connect your mobile devices, you get even more space. (I’ve got 50GB of space by connecting my tablet and syncing with dropbox.)

50GB dropbox space | Web-Designer Arsenal

Not only this, but dropbox can be a great tool for web-designers, specially those working in teams. Yes, dropbox can be a really good communicating tool.

And, without any more fluff, I would like to show you how dropbox can be of a lot of use for you, the web-designer.


This is by far the best use of Dropbox I have seen or done. I really use dropbox to sync my images (Web-Designer trolls and post images) across my laptop and desktop. It is really easy and quick. Mainly, because I have dropbox software installed and have made a dropbox folder.


This is another nice feature of dropbox. As is the case with Google drive, you can attatch and upload high volume files. This is an added bonus that you can access these files from anywhere, even from your mobile. And, it also helps with teams for syncronising.


Yes, I’ve myself seen this being used a lot. You can use dropbox to host assets such as javascript , CSS and even videos. Images, are not to be mentioned, as they’re taken for sure.


Well, this point is somewhat close to github and version control. But, it’s not exactly like it. You update your projects anytime but, it’s optional if you want your previous code or not. That’s awesome because it makes collaboration a ton easier. All your team can work at anytime and from anywhere.

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Did you know that Github costs you some money to have private repos that is, the ones that no one can see except the people you decide. But, thinking smartly, you can use dropbox to make private projects much easier to share among the people you want with to.

The process is simple, you just upload your file, obtain the link, and just share among with your teammates, not any one else.


Well, if you know this or not, you can host or even make websites with dropbox ! There are services like pancake.io and droppages that simplify this work for you. However, don’t go in for the free pie, it can cause damage later.

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This is a great technique that I want to use myself. It is like you are creating some buzz for the work you’re doing.

Basically, what you do is you acquire the link of the thing after uploading it to dropbox and share it with others. So, they can tell how you are doing from there own homes or any other place and don’t have to come to your place to see what you’re doing.


So, in this post I talked about how dropbox can be of help to web-designers making websites, specially in teams. Well, what I do want to hear is what are more uses that you have in your mind. If you do, don’t hesitate to comment below. I’ll be reading all of the comments and replying for sure. Hear from you soon.

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