Web-forms: Some cool services and links

Web-forms are a great way for interaction on your website. It is also a proof that people are responding and taking action on your site and it’s not just another barren website.

And, today, in our Web-forms series, I’ll show you a bunch of services and links that will help you get things done fast and effectively for making web-forms.

Without wasting much time, let’s get to it.


Well, I must admit that wufoo is an amazing form builder. It is free, easy to use, interactive and pretty straightforward. I have used it in the past and had great experience. Although one caveat to be mentioned. It has a freemium model. Meaning, it is free as per a limit, beyond that, you’ll have to pay them.

#2: Google Drive

google drive logo | WDA

Yep, that is true. Did you know that even Google docs have an option for making forms for running surveys/polls or anything like that. The interface is really nice and it also has an option of adding a progress form at the bottom, which is a really nice addition and helps in User-Interface.

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Gravity forms. If you’ve heard of them, you already know how good they are at forms. And, even better at wordpress. Yes, you wordpress users, gravity forms is the one to go with. And, their stats show that (at the time of writing) they have 821,636 customers satisfied !


Not anything personal, but I have really found these articles to be really nice and helpful and that is the reason that I’m linking up to them. Here are the articles:-


So, in this post I showed you some good and cool form management solution as well as links to some article that I think are good for beginners. And, remember, this was the 2nd post in the web-forms series. And, now there will be a few more.

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