Things GTA V teaches you about Web-Design

Grand Theft Auto V by rockstar has taken the world apar. People so far have loved the game. IGN gave it a 10/10 rating. Crazy ! But, it’s not just that. Did you know that even GTA V teaches you something about web-design. Well, let’s explore.

So, GTA has always been a great game. From San Andreas to Vice city, GTA has always thrilled people. And so, web-designers. How ? Learn that:-


Did you notice that GTA IV came out in 2008 whilst V came out in 2013. But, non the less, it is worth it. That is what is to be learned – patience is worth it. Though it was a wait for 5 years, the game made us forget everything and enjoy.

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Things gta v teaches you about web-design | WDA


GTA is one of the most versatile games I’ve ever seen. It has shooting, driving, stock-buying, property dealings, and so on. It looks like it’s versatility has no end.

Think how this could be applied to web-design. Make the site has versatile as possible without compromising UX or speed. (Example – a clock, a little interactive game, etc.)

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Rockstar, the company who makes GTA has made a lot of other games as well. These include Red dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3, etc. But, in GTA V, these compoents come together. The hunting fro red dead, the graphics from Max Payne, etc.

This is the takeaway. Learn from the past, your mistakes (avoid them) and your good points (Repeat them). That’s how you’ll become better & better.


There a heap of other games available, but still Grand theft auto is a great franchise that people love to play, regardless of time. It is really worth it. You will never be disappointed by playing GTA.

That’s what you’ve got to learn. Make the experience of your visitor well worth the time, regardless of where they are or where you are. When you make it really worth it, they will come.


GTA always has twists and turns and you don’t know when you might be in another territory or maybe fighting the army as you progress through the game. Never are actions repeated.

Well, applying this, we learn that, by6 being the unexpected we’re delivering value. That’s what is there to learn. Always, always, be the unexpected.


So, I showed you what GTA V teaches you about web-design. But, the thing is, will you apply it ? Well, try for yourself and see the results. Go on, and make the visitor’s experience much better.

I hope you learned something today. If you have, share your experience down below in the comments.

What else have you learned ? Tell me in the comments below.

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