New poll: Responsive Design or flat design ?

Well, not to say, but flat design has recently attracted a lot of attention. None the less, Apple has itself adopted flat design on it’s mobile operating system, iOS 7. With industry leaders adopting flat design, tumblr also redesigned it’s dashboard to be more flat.

Keeping that in mind, I think it’s necessary to have my reader’s views on what they think is better : Flat design or Responsive design. I’ll having these two options in the poll, as well as an option for both, for people thinking that both should be adopted.


Flat design means to remove all of the useless stuff from your thing (app, website, etc.) and  keep the things which are relevant. Though some people got it correctly, some people did not. And, they kinda messed up their thing.

So, if you are having some trouble figuring out what to remove, don’t try anything stupid.

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This is a thing which has been around since 2010 and has flourished nicely. What basically responsive means is, is that the same version of your site works seamingly across desktop as well as mobiles without having to change urls. An example for responsive design is this very website.

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Vote now and add your voice. Let’s see, which one wins.

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