Poll Results are in: Is responsive design better or Mobile Website ?

I posted a poll back in July (July 21 to be exact). It’s been 3 moths since the poll has been up there and in the sidebar. I have some responses, but not at all a good number. I expect it to grow.

Poll results | WDA

However, if you see the results, people have voted for Responsive websites. That’s cool.

As you can see above, Responsive websites got over 75% of the votes, while mobile websites got only 20% and none getting 5% (got to re-think why none is there ??)


Well, there’s no doubt, I myself am a fa of responsive websites like many others. But there are some reasons for that:-

  1. Responsive sites load faster as they are on the same domain. But, mobile websites, first go to the main domain ad then redirect to the mobile theme and/or the domain.
  2. They are the newer trend. And, who knows, with time, it may decline.
  3. They have everything as the main site has. This might not be true for mobile websites. They may hide/remove features for various reasons.
  4. They require lesser code. Mobile websites need to be designed from the beginning.


This could also be an important statement. There are some scenarios where it would be better if you don’t use responsive design and instead, use mobile website/app.

  1. If your site is already an established desktop website, it would be better if you opt for mobile design.
  2. If you want to provide a complete new experience (different sections, videos, ads, etc.).
  3. If you have enough resources to do so.


What they tell us is this – that Web-Design is a field that is ever evolving, and will not stop to do so. So, the thing is we should adopt and embrace the change rather than not to. So, it is a clear indication that whenever new design trends will come, they will be adopted.

Responsive design isn’t just a fad, it’s something new. It was the solution to a problem, back in 2010. It was originally an article on A list Apart. And, now, see how much has it grown into.

So, we cannot judge the power or the evolution that a thing might bring. This is what this poll tells us. We cannot judge a thing just by looking at it. We just cannot.

So, I hope you guys liked my poll results and review and will continue to vote and read. Here’s to an awesome community.

What are your thought ? Tell us in the comments.

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