User Interface problems to avoid while creating websites

User Interface is a key area to look forward to when designing/creating new websites, be it of clients or yours (it will probably be your blog, wouldn’t it). And, here I’ve got some key User Interface problems that many of us forget.

The thing is, if we solve these problems, we don’t even know how much better could our websites become.


Ever wondered why you leave a lot of sites you visit on a daily basis ? Let me tell you – because they cannot grab your attention. But, one of your favourite sites always does it better. It is visually appealing and easier on the eyes.

But, what are the ways to make it better eye-pleasing ? Well, firstly, make your navigation easy to find and use. never make your visitors hunt for what they need. Secondly, try and make your search bar more clearer. Users want information quick.


Stop sucking at forms. Never make them uneasy to use. Here is a an interesting research result – facebook , after launching their graph search, did a usability test. They found out, that people were unable to find the search bar when it wasn’t hollow.

facebook graph search form test | WDAimage link

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Have you ever seen that every post on WDA has a nice reading effect on it. You see, I found out that leaving some space in your content makes people stick.

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However, if you just keep on writing, without leaving some space to breathe, people will leave your site. It just looks a lot crappier when everything is together and you cannot find what you’re looking for.

So, the solution is to make use of subheadings and lists to get your message across. And, leave a line or two after every 3 or 4 sentences. Trust me, it works.


Have you ever found out how irritating it is while you’re shopping and you’ve found everything and the only thing left is to pay. And, for for that, you have to wait a lot. That is what you DON’T have to do.

If you keep them waiting, they won’t come.


Recent studies show that, on an average, people leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds for it to load. That is the key point. Be as fast as possible.

Some tips for this are – use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to host assets like images or javascript. If you can, use AJAX to make your site load just once.


So, these were very subtle things that I noticed that effect user interface on our website – which could be fixed easily and could have some great impacts. Well, I guess there a lot more areas like this that can help us speed up our websites and make them even more awesome.

So, what are the things that annoy you the most on websites ? How can they be fixed ? Tell us in the comments below.

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