Web-Designer trolls – #1

Hey guys, I’ve decided that from now on, I’ll post some great trolls for web designer, as well as share them here and on other social networks.

This is part #1 of the series. Hope you enjoy it. I don’t have a schedule for more trolls, but I’ll definitely make some. Until then, enjoy.

SUCCESS WHEN CLIENT WALKED INclient-walks-in-finds-me-working | WDA

Google Chrome : Why You Crash when I need you the most

google-chrome-y-u-crash-when-i-need-you-the-most | WDA

One does not simply makes everything-work in Internet Explorer

one-does-not-simply-makes-everything-work-in-internet-explorer | WDA

Did you liked these trolls ? Can you relate to them ? Answer these in the comments below.

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