Things Google teaches you about Web-Design

The Google giant definitely teaches us a lot about web-design. The biggest web based company has got lots in store for you. Just sit tight. And, you’ll discover a lot.

Google, started 15 years ago, today makes $39.6 billion. That’s some interesting amount of money, provided it’s main source is just advertising.

So, let’s get talking about what google teaches you about web-design.

#1: Be fast

Have you ever had the google homepage or infact, any other google results page load slowly. Well, I never have. Even when I am experiencing the slowest of my internet speeds, google still loads in less than a second. That’s amazing.

Learn this from google. Make those web sites fast and you are bound to impress your customers.

#2: Be relevant

Ever thought why we use google as our favourite search engine ? It’s because it shows what you want to see (ie. relevant stuff) and nothing else. That is the takeaway – relevance. Don’t just squish out anything in front of your client. Only relevant things.

Another example of this is a site with related posts. You see, after you’ve read a post and find it interesting, related posts show you relevant other posts you would like to see.

#3: Be better than others

Have you ever found out why is it that google is used a lot more than yahoo or bing, perhaps 40% more ? It is because it is better than the competition. No other search engine can beat google, can it ?

#4: Offer more than expected

Try a common search like a review or something. Notice those stars in the search result ? That is what comes more than extra from google. And, ever found a photo of a person besides a result ? That  shows you who the author is. Isn’t it amazing ?

Well, that is what we have to learn from google. When we will offer more than what is expected (just a website), we will become better.

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#5: Be everywhere

You all must have seen that google and/or it’s products are everywhere. Here is a short list of them:-

  • Search
  • Image Search
  • Google + (Their own social network)
  • Maps
  • Youtube (for videos)
  • Blogger (a blogging platform)
  • Google Analytics (for analytics)
  • Google webmasters
  • Android (their own Operating System)
  • Adsense
  • GMail
  • Google drive
  • etc., etc., etc.

So, you see. Google is everywhere. It is impossible to ignore it. That is what you should become. Try and widen your reach and be everywhere. That way, it will be impossible to ignore you.

#6: Use your own products

Google is best at this. Nobody uses their product as much as they do. Example, they use blogger for their press releases and product blogs. And, they use google+ for sharing among their service. Finally, they use youtube for their videos.

Learn form them, make your products and use them more than often. This technique also builds up your brand and identity.

#7: Provide what others cannot

I haven’t seen anybody provide a better search, image search, mapping service, mail and calender service than google. Believe me, I have tried a lot of products. Their services are far from good and integrate seamingly across other products (like blogger with google+).

Have you ever found out what is it, that you can offer and others cannot. If not, try and find out. This will always give you an edge over your competition.

So, you saw what google teaches you about web-design. I bet This list can continue even more in the future.

So, what did you learn from google ? Is it something I missed ? Tell me in the comments below.

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