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Recently, google launched it’s web-designer beta. It is a visual tool like adobe dreamweaver, but somewhat different. It’s main focus is towards advets. However, google still didn’t named it adverts or something. Hopes are much wider. I got the beta downloaded, and am reviewing the google webdesigner for you.

Google is the giant when it comes to the web. It has great search result sorting techniques and always does exceptional work. But, webdesign is not just another dreamweaver competitor.The main aim of google is to provide 3d views and animations on the web (especially adverts). They provide you with the code that you can use. Some great things to explore, but still, dreamweaver wins the game in terms of designing.

Link:- Google Web Designer

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Web designer does most of the job of the design done well. The tools are in places that are generic (ie. you know where they are) and icons look fantastic, even on my 24″ 1920×1080 monitor.

default-google-web-designer-screen | For Review by WDA
Some great looks of Google Web designer

However, I have some complaints about the design. The options provided are very less. And, I was still unable to find some of the things like headings, or how to insert tables or images.

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As far as usability is concerned, web designer does it job well- that is to be of use to ad designers. I didn’t find myself making some animations or adverts. So, Google needs to improve in those terms. Later about that.

However, given it’s dark look, web designer looks amazing.

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Their is nothing to mention here. Google Web-designer is free. This is probably a threat to adobe, which sells its dreamweaver for a monthly fee (since CC).

What I think, that web designer is the best free tool available in the market – given others like kompozer which haven’t been updated since 2007.


This is a region that needs improvement. I couldn’t find search in the code, nor different drawing shapes, or the ability to add different multimedia content, like dreamweaver.

tools available on the right of google webdesigner | for review by WDA
Very less options

I know that web designer is free, but still, a lack of features is no good. Google has got to improvise upon its features, so that it can become a standard in web designers term, just like their browser, chrome has become.


Well, combining all above points, I have a few suggestions:-

  • Features like ability to add multimedia content, tables, etc. should be added.
  • A better focus on web-designers should be given (ie. a better ability to create webpages). Not just on adverts and animations.
  • Better usability should be there for 3d and animations. Looks are still daunting to beginners like me.
  • Cross platforms versions (like for linux and android and iOS) should be there. It will specially help mobile designer and developers.


All in all, it’s too early to give a very definite viw about Google’s Web-designer because it is mostly in it’s beta release. And, support for creating better web pages (like in dreamweaver) is not there. Google mainly targets advertisers with this beta release.

However, if it continues to grow, and becomes better over time, in no time will it take over dreamweaver just like chrome took over other browsers.

In the end, all I want to say is that Google web designer is a product that has a great potential for growing, and is fortunately backed by a really good comapny – google. I would love to see web designer grow to become the standard among web designer to create websites and it beats dreamweaver, still being free.

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So, what do you think about Google Web designer ? Will it take over dreamweaver ? Do we need it ? Tell us in the comments below.

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