Things Cycling teaches you about Web-Design

Cycling is that wonderful feeling which is undescribeable. Sure, all those who love it, know what I’m talking about. And, also, those who don’t, still would have seen people riding a bike. In this post, I’m going to talk about what cycling teaches you about web-design. Yes, you the web-designer.

So, let’s not waste any more time, and get straight to the list:-


Yes, this is the first thing you learn while cycling. You will definitely fall while you cycle your way. Remember your first turn you made while learning. It always hurts.

The same applies to web-design. While learning or while even creating something new, you will fall. There will be problems. Remember,  no body gets the first draft perfect.


Yes, this is the second thing you learn while cycling. This also corelates with the first point. You will fall & you will get hurt. There is no denying in this. There are going to be scraches.

Web-Design part.

There are going to be blunders in your design. The client will not accept it in the first go. There will be problems. But, don’t quit just yet.

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