Medium: The Next step towards writing on the web ?

We all have had that moment. That moment where you are sick and tired of your writer. It could be your CMS, your text-editor, your markdown editor, your rich text-editor, or your favorite word processor. It happens to the best of us. And, it’s a pretty bad one. Well, tired of looking solutions, I came upon an awesome editor. Let me introduce it to you. Medium.Yes, that is it’s name. medium. You can go to their site


Let me introduce medium to you.

A better place to read and write things that matter

This is the simplest explanation I could find (that too on their about page). Medium isn’t hugely popular nor visited by millions of people per month, nor does it have a whole lot of users. And, it doesn’t allow anyone access to it.

It also isn’t limited to 140 characters. It is built for better stories and isn’t just for friends. It is for the community. It is simple, collaborative, beautiful.

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The signup process might turn many of the people away. But, believe me, if you stick for a little bit, the reward is very much worth it.

medium signup screen | WDA

The signup process for medium goes like this :-

  • You sign in with Twitter and allow access to the medium app for various authorizations.
  • Soon you receive an e-mail from medium that you can start writing.
  • You follow the link and start posting.
  • That’s it.


default awesome editor for medium | WDA

Let me describe the experience I had with Medium:

It was awesome

Yes, simply put, the writing experience on Medium is awesome. It’s super simple to use and elegant. I must say, it is the best writing experience I’ve had on the web.

I, now wish that the wordpress editor was just the same, but with a little more capabilities.

You can simply highlight some text and different formatting options appear from which you can select the ones you need. It’s pretty neat. Look below.

medium formatting options | WDA


Also, you can insert images in between posts, as well as set a header image for a post which appears at the top of the post.


There are certainly some short comings in the medium writing experience:-

  • There is no way to add certain objects in the writer (like pdf’s, videos, tweets, slides, etc.)
  • The Medium platform is not available for mobiles.
  • There is only h1 & h2 in the writer, no way to add more header levels nor can you change the font size. This brings me to the next shortcoming;
  • There is no way to add HTML or CSS or any JS scripts or elements in the writer.

Even after, seeing these shortcomings, the writer is simply elegant and efficient.

Whereas, the WordPress editor has a lot of formatting options, people still tend to write their posts first in some other application, and then put it in the wordpress editor.


The only one solution I see for better writing on the web is:

WordPress Editor + Medium Editor

Only this is a viable solution to a better writing experience.

However, I still think that the Medium Editor is something which is awesome but is built for minimal use, that is, just writing.

If you think you need a ton of more options, go for the wordpress editor instead.

Also, check out Web-Designer Arsenal on Medium.

Did you like the Medium editor ? Is it better than WordPress editor or not ? Is there a better solution for writing on the web ? Tell me in the comment section below.

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