18 Things TV shows teach you about Web-Design

We all have it. This post will show you 18 things TV shows teach you about Web-Design. Surely enough, it makes a big list. There are just so many points that you’ll discover

#1: Don’t clutter with ADS

We all see the live coverage of a sports event,etc. Let me ask you a question, how many of you love it when the broadcasting sponsor clutters the coverage with as many ads as possible. Don’t do this with your website, it’s your voice. Don’t interrupt the readers and make them go away.

#2: Real content is valued

You all are well aware of the popular TV shows in your region. Some examples would include Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men, How I met your Mother are some of the common ones. So, the takeaway here is that when there is something awesome in what you deliver, it WILL be shared. So, go and improve what you have already done. Make it Awesome, make it stand out.

#3: There should be an Emotional Connection

Every liked show establishes a bond with its viewers. This is the takeaway, build a connection- an emotional one. They make it worthwhile, make it great, make it connecting-ized [another word ?] Same way, you as a web-designer should build a bond with your visitors.

#4: Be yourself

The best thing you can do about yourself is being YOU. Yes You. Be your own voice, that’s how TV shows stand out. Notice this: The Best TV show in your region never copies other shows, BUT others do copy the Best one.

#5: Polish & Edit, Rinse & repeat.

Rearrange the content so that it can be followed easily. Weed out all the grammatical and spelling mistakes. If need be, delete sections of content that are inappropriate.

#6: Pilot survey (test before Launch)

This is my favourite one. Go and show your website to a prospective visitor. Does your website attract his attention? Notice what is the effect of the design on him. And don’t just collect data, use it to remove any difficulties faced [Explained in a later point].  This is the way TV shows make the best possible connection with their viewers. They test the waters before diving in.

#7: Single & Clear theme

Whatever you write should be clear to your readers. They should be no doubt in their minds as regard as your stance on the topic. This is the way TV shows are able to connect to the audience more clearly and easily.

18 things you can learn from TV shows about web-design. Big Bang Theory

#8: Evoke a single Emotion

Successful TV  shows evoke a central emotion. For example, the TV shows like Big Bang Theory which aim to make you laugh will never try to become an emotional drama and make you cry. Same way, evoke a central emotion via which you can establish connection with your audience. Never confuse them.

#9: Explain the Meaning of difficult words

If you use vernacular or technical jargon [like this one], make its meaning clear. Do not expect the audience to infer it from the context to avoid any confusion. [Like many here, use brackets to say and explain what you mean].

#10: Keep it Simple, Silly [KISS]

Use language that can be understood easily. Avoid using Heavy words [don’t expect your audience to refer to a dictionary]. Make it clear and as easy as possible to understand and connect [I’m saying this again and again].

#13: Perfectionism

Try and make yourself presentable in front of everyone. You must have seen that there are very few mistakes in TV shows. They try to make it the best  possible. You, too, should apply this. Be as perfect as possible. This will make you more presentable and look professional.

#14: One size doesn’t fit all

You see, the shows which come in the morning have lesser viewers, therefore bring in lesser revenue to the broadcaster compared to the ones which come in the prime time. So, figure out your most important zones [or times] in which your viewers are most interested.

#15: Post feedback

Don’t forget the feedback. Learn as much as possible through your visitors and deliver what interests them. TV shows do this, they connect with the viewers and learn more about what they want, and hence, deliver greater value.

#16: Post analysis

Just like analysis is used to find out the causes of failure, you should use it to determine the causes of your success so that you may control those factors better in future.

#17: Make announcements

TV shows do this all the time. They make announcements, trailers, merchandise,etc. to promote their shows. You should do the same. Promote yourself as much as possible, on social networks the most. Make a vine video, make a slideshare presentation, make an image, etc, etc. This will help you gain more viewers.

#18: Understand your reputation

Understand it very well. Technical information received via Discovery channel is much more reliable than that from entertainment channel. So, understand and build your reputation accordingly. And don’t play with it.

Over to you

Well, this was very brave of you to read the post. Also, if you’re reading this message, thanks for your valuable time for reading the whole post. I hope it has helped you become a better web-designer.

So, these are the things I learnt from TV shows. So, tell me what have you learnt in the comments below ↓.

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